Today, Erin Costa, from Erin Costa Photography, will be sharing with us why having a bridal portrait session is such a good idea!

Personally, bridal portrait sessions are one of my all time favorites to photograph. A couple of relaxed hours to photograph a beautiful bride to be, what’s not to love? Here are some benefits to having a bridal session before your big day.

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1. The dress. A bridal session gives you the chance to put on your wedding dress and ensure a proper fit prior to your wedding day.  Since you’ll be wearing your dress for about two hours while moving around, you’ll get an opportunity to see how it really feels as you walk around in it. If any last minute adjustments are needed, it should allow you time to get it back into the shop to have them made.

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2. Hair & makeup. When booking your hair and makeup artist, most will provide you with a time to come in and have your trial hair and makeup done prior to your big day. Use your bridal session as a chance to schedule your hair and makeup trial and put it to good use. Your bridal session is not only a great opportunity to showcase your hair and makeup in beautiful portraits to display at your wedding, but also an opportunity to see how well it photographs prior to your wedding day. Don’t like how your chosen lip color photographs? No problem, you can change it up for your wedding!

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3. Stress-free photography. The bridal session is a relaxed, stress free portrait session before your big day – it’s all about you. It ensures you have a variety of beautiful portraits in your wedding dress to display at your wedding reception and of course later in your home. That’s not to say we won’t photograph you again on your wedding day individually – we just don’t have to worry about hurrying to the ceremony or family photo time or any of the other potential stressors wedding day may present. Stress free 🙂

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4. Family and friends. Grab your maid of honor, bridesmaid or mom (or all the above) to bring along to the session! Spend the afternoon together catching up while having a great time at your session. Who better to cheer you on and of course tell you how gorgeous you are in front of the camera?  They also make for great dress assistants throughout the session 🙂

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5. Unique location. Use your bridal session as an opportunity to go somewhere unique or fun for your session. Bridal sessions aren’t just done in the studio anymore – think outside of the box! Hop on a sailboat, head to the beach, go to your families farm, these are all great locations that will lead to stunning bridal portraits. Not sure where you should have your session? Work with your photographer to come up with somewhere that both fits your personality and means something to you.  

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6. Bouquet. Anxious to see how your bridal bouquet will come together before your big day? Have your florist create a smaller trial version of your bouquet and use it for your bridal session. It’s a great addition to your photos!

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7. Fun! Lastly, have fun at your bridal session! Your wedding day will fly by with so many different things going on, so take the opportunity to slow down and enjoy your dress, hair, makeup, bouquet and time with your family or bridesmaids before the big day. You will be glad you did!

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