Why let your flowers go to waste after the wedding? Consider contacting one of the services below to donate your flowers to nursing homes and hospitals. If you would like to have your donation location listed below, please contact info@wilmingtonweddingsandevents.com


Shannon Davis – 910.524.2954
My name is Shannon Davis and I am a member of Centerville Baptist Church in Kelly, NC. I work with the youth at my church and we want to be able bring a little joy into the lives of the elderly that have been living in the rest homes in the surrounding counties by giving them the gift of a beautiful flower. But our budget just won’t let us, so I got the idea one day as I drove past a wedding, “What happens to the flowers after the wedding is over?” Well, they usually get trashed to be honest! So why not recycle them? The problem is, I just don’t know who to ask, the bride and groom? The wedding planner? If you would like to donate, please call me at (910)524-2954. We plan to take the flowers and turn them into bouquets for residents in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. We need a days notice in order to pick them up (such as the day before the wedding, etc). We’ll make sure someone is there to take care of removing them. Thank you!