notes from a bride planning out of town wedding

Planning an out of town wedding can be stressful for all involved parties. We reached out to Wilmington native, and now Charlotte event planner and bride-to-be, Brittanie, to give her experience as an out of town bride planning a Wilmington wedding.

“As an out of town bride planning a wedding, it has been hard to find the time to come home and meet with vendors. Once we had the venue picked, I felt like a huge decision was made and it was now planning and finding all the other vendors that we needed for the big day. Jenna, our event planner at River Landing, our venue, has been awesome. Anytime I have questions about anything, she is always quick to email or text me back, which is incredibly important to me since I can’t be there to oversee everything that is happening. Having an event planner that sees your vision and that you can trust is a definite must for an out of town bride.


One problem that I constantly run into is that it is difficult for me to contact vendors during work hours.  As an event professional it’s hard to call vendors on my day off since it is typically is theirs as well. It is also difficult to get a feel for their work or what all they offer when I can’t always see it in person. I definitely recommend having someone you trust and who has the same vision for your wedding to be the one to scope out vendors or go to meetings in town for you. My mom and a few bridesmaids have gone around town and just talked to vendors. They have been able to shop around to get the best value and important information for me. On my trips to Wilmington, I typically have limited time and generally use that time to make a few more final decisions. Having my friends and family go to vendors and get information beforehand allows me to insure that I am not wasting time when I come home.

There are so many different parts to a wedding and right now I feel as if everything is so separate and nothing is really coming together. I cannot wait to see all the vendors, décor and all the little details we have chosen for our wedding day to all come together. The vision of our wedding day is in my head and it’s going to be  very exciting and I’m sure emotional to see it all come together to create such a magical day for us!”

We look forward to keeping in contact with Brittanie and seeing how her wedding comes together! Stay tuned for more updates.


Image: Stephanie Ramsey Photography