Most couples have the tough decision of choosing a photographer for their wedding and around here there are some amazing ones to choose from! Honeyfund is here to help you with a few tips on how to get the best pictures for your big day.

Once you have decided on a destination, you should decide how you want to remember this event. Below are a few tips about photography in unique places such as a tropical island or a destination beach location.

photography tipsImage: Erin L. Taylor Photography

1.Hire a Professional Photographer

While you may take a great picture in your backyard and your brother-in-law nailed it at your cousin’s wedding in the chapel, to get the best pictures for this “one-time event” you want a pro. A professional will have the correct equipment to get the best results. This includes (but is not limited to) special filters, lighting, different cameras, and tripods. Quality equipment makes the difference in a picture and a photograph. Remember, you often get what you pay for!

Image: Erin Costa Photography

2. Be Aware of Timing

Your photographer may request you be available at a particular time in order to get some great shots. For example, the best time to capture the beauty of a sunrise is ½ hour before sunrise.

A sunset is best photographed ½ hour before sunset. Taking a photograph in the harsh, tropical sun is not easy. You must know how to filter it and how to use shadows in your favor. There are specific ways to photograph the stars.

If you want a photograph of the Milky Way, it will take a professional to capture it!

Image: 1 of 13 Photography

3. Take Pictures Yourself

Of course, you and your guests will take pictures yourself while you are there. Here are a few tips to help you get the best shots.

  • Framing a picture is important. The frame needs to fit the subject. Photographing landscapes and natural sites should be framed horizontally. Photographing a person should be framed vertically.
  • Less is more. Avoid trying to get too much in the picture. Get closer to the item you are shooting and then get closer still. With photography, less is more.
  • Do not always have a centerpiece. Many people make the mistake of centering the picture around something or someone on every shot. Instead, look at your picture as 4 quadrants of the canvas. Try to get equal beauty in all four quadrants. This makes for a beautiful picture, regardless of the subject.


4. What to Photograph

What you photograph depends on where you travel to, of course. Staying with our theme of tropical islands, you would look for the unique beauty afforded to that location. You should photograph:

  • Waterfalls
  • Volcanos
  • Natural beaches
  • The sea
  • The stars
  • Activities such as luaus
  • Flower farms
  • Landmarks
  • Guests
  • Friends you meet on your journey


Image: Magnolia Photography

Photography is a big part of your special day. Take your time to get a professional and to allow him or her to do what they do best. Let them be in control and follow their lead. Your reward will be a lifetime of memories in vivid and beautiful color.

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