Custom Jewelry Designs have been a huge part of my Jewelry Business for the last 20 years. Designing, dreaming, collaborating to come up with a Unique, One of a Kind piece of Jewelry for you. The Custom Design process can be done through a series of messages, sketches and photos. It's amazing what technology offers to allow the Custom Designing process to flow with ease. Each piece that I custom make is filled with the love and stories of the collaborators. It takes a beautiful One of a Kind creation to a whole new level. A Forever Heirloom with a story to tell. It would be an honor to create something for you. I love being a part of your story, especially the surprises!

For me making art was always my favorite thing to do even from childhood.... It wasn't until Art School in college that i took my first Metalsmithing class and as soon as I touched the metal i knew that was what I wanted to do. Studying Metalsmithing at East Carolina University, Montana State University, Italy. I had various apprenticeships with a famous Italian Goldsmith Lisa Sotilis (she owns DeChirico's Sculpture Collection), Montana blacksmiths, swordsmiths and lapidary artists. Ultimately I received a BFA in Metal Design. After that began my own business and have been happily making jewelry for the last 20 years. I love what I do and i hope to make something for you!

For the past 7 years i have been Designing and Consulting for Made By Survivors, a great non-profit giving women a new means to make a living after being rescued from a life of Human Trafficking. Check them out
I have had the honor of being published and recognized internationally:
Vogue Magazine, Brides Magazine, House of Coco Magazine, Folk Magazine, Magnolia Rouge

Published in RELEVANT NATION book-40 artists/activists under 40 changing the world
*Featured Jewelry Designer in Wilmington Fashion Week 2014,2015
*Celebrities wearing my Designs: Dakota Fanning, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker, Gina Gershon
*Jewelry Designer for 3 Feature Films




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